Teen slang

there are literally so much words and phrases that teens i know use and most of it i even use so each day i guess it will get longer ….


cheese: means your mad and your getting upset

“i am cheesed” ” you face cheeses me”

beef: means fight and argument

” there beefing” “do you wanna start beef ?”

jam: means party of 7- 15 people

” are you going to the jam on sat?”

fried: means stupid or dumb

” are you fried?” ” sorry I’m fired”

merked: means ugly or weird

“she looked merked”

fam: means group you hang with

“hanging with the fam tonight”

ahlie: means are you ok and you are wrong

“ahlie ? it said tomorrow”

issa: means its a. used by 21 savage

“issa knife”