ok so like i said in my other entry that snapchat is a major social platform here in oakville. and i use it and i only have 1 or 2 friends that have actually given up, and i soon might too. so you can send snapchats to people and after 3 days you can get a streak, basically what you have to do is send a snapchat to that person everyday and that number will get higher and higher.  my all time highest was roughy 250 days. and i eventually lose my streaks and have to start over.

but of course people have to overdue every thing in this town, i know of people who have close to 100 streaks with different people and some of them are has old as 450 days which is dumb af. and this one girl has a snapchat score of over 1 million snaps. I’m not even sure how she did it.

and i always lose mine over school breaks like christmas break and even weekends because i guess i realize how stupid it is and i always have to look at the time and think crap have i sent streaks. i sent my streaks at 8:40 pm today so i can worry about it tomorrow.

but i swear to god I’m going to give up on them soon…


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