“lol are you op?”

so i live in a town called oakville and basically because of social media there were these “elite” group of people who have the most followers, and likes on instagram and are generally popular. i for one am not in that group like the rest of the town. but this was a popular thin in 7th & 8th grade. but then i guess people realized how stupid the name “OP” was so it eventually faded. but its still kind of there. and everyone who was anyone knew what it meant. btw OP stands for “oakville popular”. and you know i live in a suburban town right?

but did i tell you that oakville used to be the richest suburban country in the whole country. but now its a little more diverse. what i mean is that not everyone buys Starbucks and drives a Lexus. actually we have our own urban dictionary definition because we are so infamous for our clique like town.

heres the link to get what i am trying to get explain …


feel my pain?😒


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