“high school in 2017”

i just want people to understand ( if people even view it ) that high school for me can be very different for you and others. we all understand that real life high school is SO not like high school musical. but i just wanna get straight that i live in Canada and high school is a little different.

i go to a catholic school and i wear uniform. but for a catholic school it is actually pretty bad. i have all these different terms that i use in my town that other towns don’t get so i guess i will inform you. so if you have questions i guess i can answer them?!

ok, highschool in 2017 is honestly revolves around social media. your social life is expanded and also reduced at the same time. parties and social events are all different and generally the way people communicate is weird. I for one am a person that actually takes time and notices these things but others don’t or at least i don’t.

also vocabulary is also stupid and extra af. i sometimes think why? like it makes zero sense, but i guess it make you cool. i will probably post soon the type of vocab because if i want to keep this blog up i guess you have to understand it ?

but things are still sorta the same in 2017 besides the rest ¿?


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