“check her story”

so from my last blog you should now know i live in the most high standard, secret society town ever.

i kind of live in a pretty little liars ravensville without all the deaths. one popular thing in my town is called the trail. basically i call it that because a trail always leads to some cool place right?

like in the yellow brick road in the wizard of oz.

basically when ever people go on snapchat (main social media platform around here) and rant something or post something scandalous it spreads fast and then people start to ask questions and add in there own inputs and before you know it the trail gets super long and by the end of it you get to the goal… DRAMA . and i literally live for drama… as long as I’m not in it.

so when my friends say check her/his story i get super excited because that means theres something actually interesting happening in my medium sized town.

and i live for that crap


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