“i guess i should start a blog”

This is the post excerpt.


To be honest i have always wanted to start my own anonymous blog, but i guess i never had the time.

I actually have homework but i think its the best time to start. I just recently finished this tv show called awkward and idk i think it came out in 2011, and the main character starts her own blog and then her life actually becomes interesting. So i guess thats my goal? To start a blog about my life and

hope it actually gets better.

“km now”

so there is some crude humor in highschool and i guess in the real world but one thing that is pretty poopular for kids my age is to say “kill yourself” or “kill me” or “i want to end my life” . Of course they don’t mean it literally (sometimes) but its just something like all teenagers say. But people actually go that extra step and like actually do it cuz i guess there life is hard (i have zero empathy).

SO… there was this girl and were gunna call her brianna but i swear thats not her name. but basically her insta is not on private and she mainly posts pictures of her ass and body to appeal to others which ticks of most grirls and attracts most guys. But she also has like a reading disability or so she claims because she cant spell for shit. she goes on rants  from time to time saying she had aspergers but she types ” ass burgers” which is actually hilarious and no one takes her seriously

she also claims she has tried to commit sucide in the past month about 13 times. Which is ridiculous cuz how can you fail that many times. But basically she posted something stupid like ” i am latina because my parents are from spain and we speak spanish” which is completely wrong because she would be euopean. But cuz her account was private it started to trend and people  started to say are you stupid because she was. and basically after 12 hours of this post being up i checked her snapchat story and her “cousin” said that she tried to commit sucide and was in he hospital. so basically people started to share this and were saying lol lucky #14. and it was pretty funny but also sad.

but then she came to school the veru next day and acted like nothing  happened . which is ridiculous cuz you would have to be on 24 hour sucide watch so now even MORE people hate her. as for me i literally think it was a total  lie and she  just tried to hold her breath for more than 30 seconds

i am probably going to hell for that

“what a sociopath”

boys are honestly complete sociopaths … am i right ? they manipulate you and your mind and i wish it were illegal. i have been blessed to not fall for there games and i kinda just watch from the sidelines. but i have seen the craziest things that girls do go get attention from this criminal. one […]

boys are honestly complete sociopaths … am i right ? they manipulate you and your mind and i wish it were illegal.

i have been blessed to not fall for there games and i kinda just watch from the sidelines. but i have seen the craziest things that girls do go get attention from this criminal.

one time in middle school i was in 7th or 8th grade and there was this girl named kirsten. she like the rest of our grade had a crush on ryan brown. and let me tell you something, ryan brown is one of the people that makes oakville such a basic town.

anyways ryan is actually super hot but he is manipulative. and plays like every girl.but basically ryan said kirsten if you like me so much jump off the stairs for me . and she did. our school was only 2 floors but she jumped from the top of the stairs. she broke her leg and sprained her wrist, while this boy and his goons watched from the top of the stairs. i asked her personally about it and asked would she do it again. she said “he actually talked to me!” she didn’t even think about her injuries

like i said boys are sociopaths, and you should never trust one …



ok so like i said in my other entry that snapchat is a major social platform here in oakville. and i use it and i only have 1 or 2 friends that have actually given up, and i soon might too. so you can send snapchats to people and after 3 days you can get a streak, basically what you have to do is send a snapchat to that person everyday and that number will get higher and higher.  my all time highest was roughy 250 days. and i eventually lose my streaks and have to start over.

but of course people have to overdue every thing in this town, i know of people who have close to 100 streaks with different people and some of them are has old as 450 days which is dumb af. and this one girl has a snapchat score of over 1 million snaps. I’m not even sure how she did it.

and i always lose mine over school breaks like christmas break and even weekends because i guess i realize how stupid it is and i always have to look at the time and think crap have i sent streaks. i sent my streaks at 8:40 pm today so i can worry about it tomorrow.

but i swear to god I’m going to give up on them soon…

“check her story”

so from my last blog you should now know i live in the most high standard, secret society town ever.

i kind of live in a pretty little liars ravensville without all the deaths. one popular thing in my town is called the trail. basically i call it that because a trail always leads to some cool place right?

like in the yellow brick road in the wizard of oz.

basically when ever people go on snapchat (main social media platform around here) and rant something or post something scandalous it spreads fast and then people start to ask questions and add in there own inputs and before you know it the trail gets super long and by the end of it you get to the goal… DRAMA . and i literally live for drama… as long as I’m not in it.

so when my friends say check her/his story i get super excited because that means theres something actually interesting happening in my medium sized town.

and i live for that crap

“lol are you op?”

so i live in a town called oakville and basically because of social media there were these “elite” group of people who have the most followers, and likes on instagram and are generally popular. i for one am not in that group like the rest of the town. but this was a popular thin in 7th & 8th grade. but then i guess people realized how stupid the name “OP” was so it eventually faded. but its still kind of there. and everyone who was anyone knew what it meant. btw OP stands for “oakville popular”. and you know i live in a suburban town right?

but did i tell you that oakville used to be the richest suburban country in the whole country. but now its a little more diverse. what i mean is that not everyone buys Starbucks and drives a Lexus. actually we have our own urban dictionary definition because we are so infamous for our clique like town.

heres the link to get what i am trying to get explain …


feel my pain?😒

“high school in 2017”

i just want people to understand ( if people even view it ) that high school for me can be very different for you and others. we all understand that real life high school is SO not like high school musical. but i just wanna get straight that i live in Canada and high school is a little different.

i go to a catholic school and i wear uniform. but for a catholic school it is actually pretty bad. i have all these different terms that i use in my town that other towns don’t get so i guess i will inform you. so if you have questions i guess i can answer them?!

ok, highschool in 2017 is honestly revolves around social media. your social life is expanded and also reduced at the same time. parties and social events are all different and generally the way people communicate is weird. I for one am a person that actually takes time and notices these things but others don’t or at least i don’t.

also vocabulary is also stupid and extra af. i sometimes think why? like it makes zero sense, but i guess it make you cool. i will probably post soon the type of vocab because if i want to keep this blog up i guess you have to understand it ?

but things are still sorta the same in 2017 besides the rest ¿?